Learn how to delete older kernel versions via CML.

    You need delete old versions Kernel GNU/Linux because bugs,regrets or preferences and don't know.
This tip is for you!

Step by step
1 - In GRUB, select the kernel that will not delete

2 - After log in to the desktop, go to the CLI(bash or other) and paste:

$ sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image
This command will list all kernels installed on the machine.

3 - After choose kernel for delete, paste the command in terminal:

$ sudo apt-get purge <kernel>

-> apt-get purge - command for package delete.
-> kernel - kernel select to delete.

After that, restart the machine and check the GRUB!

A other tips is the Synaptics, where you find the kernel desired and delete with some clicks.

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