Learn encrypting your files.


    Hello there  👋🏻

Today, I'm will teach install and management the package ccrypt.

Let's see how easy and quick it is to encrypt and decrypt files using very simple commands on Debian-based distro. 

Let's first install ccrypt using this command:

$ sudo apt install ccrypt 

To encrypt a file, go to the folder and use this command:

$ ccrypt name_file

name_file =  name your file.

You will be prompted to create a password and you must enter a password twice. The encrypted file will have a. Extension cpt.

To decrypt the file, use this command below now and provide the password you created:

$ ccrypt -d name_file

You can use the application command in any distribution, as long as you can install the ccrypt package, well that's it!

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Linkedln: @yan-brasiliano
See you next time 💣💢💢


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